Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Chassidishe Ugrade

I recently changed my Blog Image to my newest work of art.

Its a woodcut I carved, which I printed an edition of 7.

Hope you all enjoy my Chassidishe Upgrade.

Gut Voch.

~ Long Beach Chasid.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Understanding" A Person's Essence In 30 Seconds

I commented on A Simple Jew's blog post about Tzedakah.

It's really sad that we think we have the ability to understand a whole person's essence by the 30 seconds you scan them up and down with our eyes.Who are you to decide if someone is an addict or what they are going to do with the money?It's a dollar. Even if you gave the same guy a dollar every day you are allowed to handle money that still comes out to less than $300 a year.I know for most people $300 is not even 50% of what you are required to give.A Rebbe once said that Hashem makes dishonest beggers so we aren't held accountable for rejecting the honest ones.Even if someone is an addict they have to at some point eat food or drink some water or they will die. Its not hard science.So what if this addict needs some food this time around?If you are all on such a high level that you can see the whole picture, that's amazing to have such holy insight into the world.As for me, ill just risk giving a dollar and performing a mitzvah with Joy.The Baal Shem Tov says that when you give tzeddakah you create the holy name of Hashem.The Yud is the money The Hey is your hand the Vav is his arm extending and the Hay is his hand receiving.If you see a homeless many run with joy to perform the mitzvah before he has to degrade his dignity in asking.Who knows, that "crack addict" could be Elijah HaNavi.