Friday, October 16, 2009

New Beginnings: Parshas Bereishis


Something I noticed while learning this weeks Parsha was that starting a new cycle of Torah reading was not the only new beginning. As we read Parshas Bereishis we read how Hashem began to create the world starting on Day One which is Sunday. Last year we completed a Shmitah seven year cycle as well as participated in Birkas HaChamah which is when we bless the sun after it completes its twenty eight year rotation cycle. This year the Sun is back where it began when Hashem created the universe and our world inside it. Sunday during Simchas Torah we read Parshas Bereishis and thus begun a very amazing cycle that I am not sure how often happens or how long it continues. We are living each day of creation in line with the first week of Creation. This Shabbos will coincide with the very First Shabbos. May we all merit a truly elevated Shabbos and a truly elevated year of Torah and Mitzvos not only for ourselves but inspiring others to do the same. With this IY"H Moshiach will be here to end this bitter Galus.

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