Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Long Hiatus

I haven't written an article since October. Baruch Hashem my son, wife, family, Torah learning, and Work have kept me very busy. Not that I haven't had ideas that I wanted to expound upon here but I just have not had the time until now. I on Jury Duty right now so this will give me iy"H some free time.

Lots to talk about but first I must say it is AMAZING that even without writing in 3 months, my blog has had almost 1,000 hits.

The Rebbe Shlit'a payed a visit to Los Angeles and it was such a blessing to daven with him, and speak with him privately more than a few occasions as well as getting the opportunity to hear amazing and uplifting words of Torah. His son is getting married iy"H July 26th but before that, my family and I are spending 2 weeks in Monsey (Feb 22nd - Mar 8th) with the Rebbe and his wonderful Gabbi R' Moshe Berush Friedman & Family. As a Chassid of the Nikolsburger Rebbe it is very difficult in Los Angeles and having the Rebbe here really strengthens me. People are very curious of the minhagim, niggunim, and lifestyle of the Nikolsburg Chassidic Sect and I must say I dont know much except that I have a very strong Kesher with the Rebbe Shlit'a. 2 weeks in Monsey should help fix that.

As far as the pshat goes, the Rebbe was a chasid of the Divre Yoel of Satmar as was his father as well. The Rebbe even as a young bochur attracted yidden who sought advice, help, and even brachos. Today the Rebbe has built from the ground up a network of Torah learning through a Yeshiva, Kollel, Girls Seminary, and Cheder with a beautiful main shul and large social hall. The Chassidim number at around 500 family and growing with hopes to build a Kiryas Nikolsburg in Eretz Yisroel.

I will write much more about the Rebbe Shlit'a and Nikolsburg in general after my trip.

My Torah learning has been steady and I am learning some amazing things. I have a daily Gemara Chevrusa in the mornings learning Masketa Shabbos starting with 36a which begins the Chapter on Kirah's and cooking before/on Shabbos. I also started Masketa Brachos with a friend in the evenings twice a week who is really helping me with vocab and grammar structure. Learning the daily Tanya, Rashi, Tehillim, but still missing the Rambam. I haven't learned via Google Video with that chevrusa since my son was born but iy"H soon I will be able to start that up again. Learning the Chassidus of the Rebbe Shlit'a, Sfas Emes, & Noam Elimelech for the weekly Torah portion has also kept Torah on my mind during the week.

I have just been very busy lately with my Graphic Design business and haven't even had time to go into the studio to work on art. Thank G-d though that in such an economic crisis I am working nonstop. That is really all that is going on right now so hopefully I will have time to focus on articles about Torah and Chassidus soon.

Kol Tov.


Anonymous said...

as a student of rav yoel, what is the Rebbe's stance on Israel? The Nikolsburg Rebbe is a great man, I saw him speak in London

Chazzan805 said...

The Nikolsburger Rebbe actually had the honor of being Reb Yoel's hois bochur, his personal attendant, on Wednesdays. He also published a volume of his letters between him and the Toldos Aharon Rebbe, and he's a direct descendant of Rav Shmelke of Nikolburg. Not all the Nikolsburger Rebbes were. Glad that you're close to him. I look forward to making my first trip to Nikolsburg in the next month.

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